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I would never hit you! Things cheating spouses say.

But yet you will beat the hell out of my body from the inside out. You will grab my heart with your cold hand and squeeze as hard as you can. You stomped all over me without a second thought. None of these things leaves marks, and thus, not evident to the human eye. How convenient.

Why is the idea of beating me or hitting me so abhorrent to him? Does he even realize that beating me doesn’t have to be physical? The pain of discovering your partner’s affair is pretty much the most painful thing one can experience. Just ask anyone who is on the receiving end of the heartbreak of a discovered affair. They will all tell you the same thing. I’ve read that the only thing comparable is losing a child.

I can’t picture my husband ever hitting me…no matter what. Is it because he wouldn’t want to “hurt” me? Is it that his mother taught him to never hit women? It would just feel wrong? Or is it because he loves me so much that he wouldn’t ever physically assault me?

All of the above are laughable, because not one of those things came into play while he was fooling around with another woman behind my back. For years. I don’t understand the logic. It is okay to take a knife and stab an internal organ (my heart) repeatedly, but not to punch me. Hurt is hurt…either physical or emotional, the pain is real. One disappears quickly, and the other stays forever.

What is your take on this? I am seriously so confused. Have you asked your cheating spouse this question?

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